About us
Dingdefeng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, and established HK DDF Industrial Co., Ltd. in 2018 to fully
develop international market business. Since HK DDF establishment,we have been providing customers with accurate,
efficient and safe services as the core, and is committed to building a comprehensive electronic component supply chain
industry. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of integrity-based, and always adhered to the concept of
providing new and original authentic products to serve customers all over the world, so that HK DDF has gradually
embarked on a successful path, and has won the appreciation and strong supports from our customers. At HK DDF,
we will provide you with one-stop supporting services, which can meet your different product needs,
save you time and effort, greatly cut down costs, reduce risks, and obtain higher profit margins.

Company Culture
The company advocates a working relationship of unity and cooperation. We firmly believe that only by working together and
at a unified pace can make the team move forward bravely. Therefore, excellent cooperation spirit and good communication skills are our top criteria for selecting people. Our team has a
group of energetic young talents. Education and qualifications are not the most important criteria for evaluation. Creating value with our own excellence is the source of our vitality.

We believe that the core values of "efficiency, fairness and professionalism" can guide both work and life, and the elites who join this team in the future provide a direction for progress and efforts.
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Shenzhen DingDeFeng Technology Co., Ltd.                                   HK DDF Industrial Co., Ltd.                                   
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